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Our Salmon

The high quality of Arnarlax salmon derives from the strength the fish develops in Iceland’s demanding natural conditions.

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Sustainability, it’s in our nature

We are committed to working alongside nature in creating not only an excellent source of nutrition with exceptional flavor, but also a product that is good for the planet today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

About us

People, environment and biology are the three pillars that shape our operations and have delivered Arnarlax to the forefront of Icelandic aquaculture.

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In the Westfjords we have a tradition of respecting and valuing our natural resources. This is the inspiration behind Arnarlax’s aquaculture method which is designed to, first and foremost, support fish health and reduce environmental impact.
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ABCs of salmon farming in Iceland

Access to clean geothermal water makes Iceland one of the best places in the world to produce smolts.

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