In Iceland, sustainability has been a way of life for generations. It’s deeply rooted in the way we relate to the world around us

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Leader in Icelandic aquaculture

Arnarlax´s ambition is to be Iceland´s leading salmon farmer and is currently Iceland’s biggest aquaculture company having been at the forefront of the aquaculture industry in Iceland for several years. Founded in 2009, in Bíldudalur, a small Icelandic village inside a long fjord called Arnarfjordur, Arnarlax has from the beginning focused on three key factors when it comes to farming salmon:

People, environment and biology

Bíldudalur is the hometown of the company’s founders, so they knew from the very start that the area had excellent conditions for farming salmon in harmony with nature.

Sustainability first

Arnarlax´s vision is “sustainability, it´s in our nature” and with this in mind the company continuously works with neighboring farmers, local governments, and regulators on improving operations and reducing environmental footprint.
Arnarlax was, for instance, the first farming company in Iceland to use lumpfish to reduce lice levels and has been working with government agencies to minimize the risk of organic load affecting the seabed underneath. Sustainability is a guiding principle from our Icelandic heritage that shapes our operations, underpins our values and drives our profitability.


Arnarlax has its headquarters and harvesting plant in Bíldudalur in Iceland’s Westfjords region, close to the sea farms located in the surrounding fjords. In addition, the company has three smolt facilities – one in the Westfjords and two just south of Reykjavik, as well as a sales office in Reykjavik.

The workforce of tomorrow

Arnarlax has recruited skilled and capable people from all over the world working on the common goal of delivering world-class salmon in harmony with nature. Employees’ ideas and innovative thinking are a crucial driver of Arnarlax’s performance and the company welcomes forward-thinking and honest dialogue.We understand the importance of proficient and skillful people in order to build a strong, focused and unified team. Take a look at career opportunities at Arnarlax if you are as passionate about sustainability, animal welfare and premium salmon as we are.


Our values

Inspired by our heritage

In the Westfjords we have a tradition of respecting and valuing our natural resources. This is the inspiration behind Arnarlax’s aquaculture method which is designed to, first and foremost, support fish health and reduce environmental impact.
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