We set high standards for ourselves to raise healthy salmon for consumers worldwide

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Naturally unique

In Iceland we value what sets us apart from the rest. Wide open spaces. Pure air and water. And salmon raised the way nature intended.

It’s what makes our salmon unique. Stunning color. Firm texture. Delicious taste.

Spacious pens

No antibiotics


Good for your health, good for the planet

Food traceability and responsible farming have never been as important as they are today. We strive to make all our operations as transparent and sustainable as possible, making sure that consumers worldwide can make informed decisions on their food choices.

We take our social responsibility seriously, striving to fulfill our duty as responsible salmon farmers every minute of every day.

It’s in our high standards

Icelandic fish farming regulations are among the strictest in the world when it comes to environmental impact. We constantly strive to improve fish health, reduce environmental impact and add value to the community.

Arnarlax achieves the flavorsome taste and firm texture of its salmon by supporting the highest standards in sustainable practices, all made possible by the power and purity of Iceland’s unique natural resources.