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Arnarlax farm site Foss receives ASC certification

Arnarlax has received the Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) for its farm site, Foss in Arnarfjörður. ASC is one of the strictest environmental certifications within aquaculture in the world and was developed in collaboration between the aquaculture industry and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). With the ASC certification, the company commits to reducing the impact on the local ecosystem in various ways, often beyond what is required by law and regulations.Silja Baldvinsdóttir, Arnarlax’s quality manager: “It is a great recognition for Arnarlax to receive this certification for our farm Foss in Arnarfjörður, as there are strict conditions that must be met. Now all our active farming areas are ASC certified, underlining the great emphasis we put on our operations having as little impact on nature and the surrounding ecosystem as possible. Therefore, the ASC certification gives us great motivation in our continued progress to work in harmony with the environment and society.”You can read more about the ASC certification here.