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Community Footprint 2021

Arnarlax’s tax footprint was almost ISK 1 billion (998 million) last year, a 50% increase in only two years from a tax footprint in 2019 that was ISK 644 million. This is stated in the analysis of the PWC auditing firm, which has calculated Arnarlax’s annual tax footprint since 2016. The tax footprint includes all taxes and fees paid to the state, municipalities and pension funds for the operation, both by the company and employees.

Extensive operations in the Westfjords

Arnarlax now has three operating areas, Vesturbyggð, Tálknafjarðahreppur in the Westfjords along with Ölfus and Grímsnes in the south, as the company invested in two farms in the South during the period. According to the report, 13% of the estimated labor force of the two municipalities in the Westfjords, Vesturbyggð and Tálknafjarðahreppur, worked for Arnarlax in 2021. In addition, many residents of the municipalities work in derivative jobs that have been created due to Arnarlax’s operations.

Six billion in value to the community in Iceland

Arnarlax contributes to the Society is in various ways, including salary payments and related fees, purchased services, purchases of goods, payment of financial fees, grants, as well as payment of taxes and fees to the authorities. The community footprint report also summarizes the value created to the community which was almost six billion ISK last year. Of this, wage costs were ISK 1,542 million, payments to domestic service providers ISK 3,000 million, purchases of goods from Icelandic companies ISK 360 million, interest payments amounted to ISK 16.9 million and taxes and fees ISK 998 million.

Kjartan Ólafsson, Chairman of the Board of Arnarlax:
“Our first harvest came in the second half of 2016 and we are proud of how much the company has grown in the short amount of time since then. Our activities have largely taken place in the Westfjords and it is nice to see these figures on how much our activities have contributed to the community there. The population of the southern fjords of the Westfjords is only about 1,200, so from these figures we can see that the value creation per capita in this area is among the best in the country. ”

The community report can be found here