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Capital Increase, ASC Certification and a new name

It has been an eventful last few week for the team getting an ASC certification of our Tjaldanes site, name change of our holding company and now a capital increase and listing at OSE Merkur list.  The Capital increase is backed by Icelandic pension fund Gildi and Stefnir Asset Management together with the successful investor and entrepreneur at Alden as cornerstones investors.

The offering is equivalent of EUR 40 million for issuing of approx. 15% new shares which is meant to support overall investments in all parts of our value chain for the next few years of over EUR 70 million.



ASC Certification

Last week, the company achieved Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) for its farming site Tjaldanes in Arnarfjordur.  ASC is one of the most stringent environmental certifications in world of aquaculture and fits nicely with our key value; Sustainability in everything we do.



Icelandic Salmon AS

We strongly believe there is a lot of value to catch in referring to our Icelandic origin in the company name.  The name changes of our holding company represent the focus on further developing the sales- and branding strategy. Such strategy is to be built in line with our vision; sustainable salmon from the Westfjords.