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Change of harvesting plans for Hringsdalur

As some of you have noticed, vessel traffic in our beautiful fjord has increased in the last few days. Hordafor vessels are scheduled to be in Arnarfjörður later this week and will probably be here on a monthly basis, as mortalities are now handled through a silages process according to strict biosecurity measures, recently implemented.

The Purse Seiner Sighvatur Bjarnason recently joined in temporarily to strengthen the team and increase capacity. As we are experiencing higher mortality that expected, we are preparing to harvest out Hringsdalur earlier than planned and harvesting will be increased significantly next few weeks. The well-boat AkvaPrins is expected today and will almost double the capacity we have now with well-boat Viking Saga.

In addition to long working hours in our plant the harvest vessel Norwegian Gannet will  temporarily increase production capacity, aiming to harvest out Hringsdalur sooner than expected.  For those of you interested in the world most spectacular harvesting vessel, more information can be found here

As of now we are not looking to change harvesting plans or volume guidance for this year operation in other farming locations meaning that Tjaldanes, Þúfnaeyri and Laugardalur is going according to plan.  Last year Arnarlax harvested 13.000 MT together with Arctic Fish through our plant in Bildudalur and this year we are expecting to harvest over 18.000 MT.