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Harvesting effort at Hringsdalur finished

Arnarlax has now completed the extraordinary effort to harvest from our site at Hringsdalur. The harvesting vessel Norwegian Gannet has left Arnarfjörður and the people and suppliers behind this record-breaking effort will have a well-deserved brake over the weekend.  The wellboats, Akva Prins and Viking Saga will both support harvest for some time so tempo will still be high at Bíldudalur for coming weeks. Total harvest volume at Arnarlax in Q1 is expected to be a record high 3.800 MT where extra cost can be expected due to the extraordinary harvesting effort. Better performance in growth leads to a chance in harvest plan, so for 2020 Arnarlax is expecting increase guiding for 10.000 MT to 12.000 MT in 2020.


Fourth quarter 2020 results were released February 26.  where total harvest for 2019 was approx. 10.000 MT with revenues for 2019 of EUR 63 million.