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Life jackets for children given to the harbors in our main operating area

The port authorities in Tálknafjörður and Vesturbyggð, yesterday received 35 life jackets as a gift from Arnarlax. The vests are specially designed for children and the purpose is to increase the security of the port areas in the municipalities. Harbors are a common playground for children in coastal areas, but can also be a dangerous place for them.

The new children’s vests meet the strictest standards and certifications for safety and will be stored in a prominent place in marked tubs in the port areas of the municipalities. Arnarlax is active in the Westfjords and has port-oriented operations in three different places in the region.

“With this gift, we want to promote the safety of children in the harbor areas. There are a lot of young fishermen making their way to the piers, not least in the summer on beautiful spring days as we have seen recently. At the same time, there is often a lot of traffic, it can be slippery and it is not certain that people will always be there if someone falls into the harbor, “says Silja Baldvinsdóttir, Arnarlax’s quality manager.


Photo: The attached photo shows Rebecca Hilmarsdóttir, mayor of Vesturbyggð, Björn Hembre, CEO of Arnarlax and Silja Baldvinsdóttir, quality manager of Arnarlax at the delivery of the vests. Silja’s son, Magnús Kristján, tried on one of the life jackets that will be available for him and other children who come to fish on at the harbor.