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Second graduation from The Icelandic College of Fisheries

The Icelandic College of Fisheries held it´s second graduation in Bíldudalur on the 5th of May where 16 students graduated, 12 of which are employed by Arnarlax.

Jobs in ocean-related industries require professional knowledge and Arnarlax therefore puts an emphasis on having well-trained staff along with supporting our employees on retraining or seeking new skills and certifications.

The educational offerings at the Icelandic College of Fisheries are important additions to the country´s educational offerings and cater both to people who are already employed in the field but also for people who want to prepare for future jobs in aquaculture.

In recent years, Arnarlax has had a good and fruitful collaboration the school and partners with them in the European project Bridges, which aims to coordinate studies in aquaculture at the upper secondary level between Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  In addition the school has worked with Arnarlax on the development of electronic teaching material used both for new employees and for retraining for those who want to refresh their skills.

We congratulate all the graduates on their achievements and encourage all interested parties to look into what the school has to offer at Fiskt.is